Welcome on the new Virages website

Here are some informations that will allow you to take full advantage of it

The objectives that have been put forward in the design of the site are as follows

  • Facilitate and speedup event selection
  • Facilitate event registration
  • Member data security
  • Transfer to a current and supported platform

On the entry page you will find the following sections

  • At the top of the page you will find tabs that allow you to navigate the site
    • create account
  • Club promo videos
    • Gives a glimpse of the club
    • Homepage2
  • Fast registration 
    • Click on the various tabs that will take you directly to the registration that interest you
    • Homepage3
  • Events to come
    • Provides an overview of upcoming events
    • Homepage4
  • Recent articles
    • Offers you a list of the last articles about Virages
    • Homepage5
  • Then comes the Sponsors area, Support them!
    • Homepage6
  • At the bottom of the page you will find informations on the site 

How to use the site

We recommend that you create your account to facilitate your future registrations

  • Click on Create account 
    • create account
  • Fill the required informations (Don't forget about the "I'm not a robot" question)captcha
  • Click on "Signup"
  • sign 
  • Validate the registraition by checking your Email for a confirmation link (If you don't find it, Check your SPAM folder)
  • Login on the site

Afterwards you can go to the User Profile under Member and update your profile at any time by clicquing "Edit" 

edit profile


After the information of your profile will be entered automatically in the fields of registration (After making your login)