La passion de conduire


This week’s rant continues our theme of ignorance. Besides the gestures we discussed last week, as a regular runner on public roads our group has experienced the worst the driving public has to offer.

Be it day or night, (and at night all of us are lit up like Christmas trees with flashing LED’s of white and red) some drivers have absolutely no interest in sharing the road.

As a matter of fact they take what seems to be pleasure in coming dangerously close runners and actually honking at us to move from THEIR roads. Dangerous…yes and we could add a whole bunch of explicative’s to this.

Oh and did I forget to mention that there is absolutely no traffic coming from the other direction.

Some of these road vigilantes expect someone to jump from their way as their steering wheel must be frozen in the 9 &3 position and or their steering box is broken.

Unfortunately this stupidity is rampant as I have personally been the subject of a driver’s amusement while coming home on my motorcycle in the rain. The driver of a vehicle took great pleasure in driving close when we approached puddles to ensure that he washed of all of the dirt from my motorcycle and of course body. He thought his girlfriend/wife was amused. This Neanderthal got his due later but that is for another day.

Unfortunately these are but two examples of what people wrongly use their vehicles for. They are wrapped up behind their wheel thinking they are part of Death race 2000 or something.

This thinking is why sometimes we need to re-think what an automobile is. If we are passionate about them and most of you reading this are, then let us set example of how we should react on roads. Let us be proud of our cars and use them in the way they were intended and this is another subject altogether but at the very least, avoid using them as a “scare tactic” and vigilante weapon.

As I suggested last week, give way to others, give way this week to walkers. Hey, it is cold out there. Offer them a cup of coffee, hot chocolate while they wait for a bus. Yes this requires thinking but again; put everyone in a good mood.

Be wary of runners, cyclists, and motor cycles ( yes two out of three groundhogs predict an early spring) and share the road…please.