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Answers to the quiz

Congratulations! You are here because you found the quiz intriguing enough and you have all the correct answers...or, you want to be sure to validate your assumptions!

Let's see!

1-My hands should be at the 10 and two position on the steering wheel?

  • That is what you have been trained to do at driving school! Actually, the answer is NO.
  • You should keep your hands at the 9 and 3 position for many reasons, here are but a few;
    • Better stability
    • Less fatigue
    • Safer in case of a crash

2- I have dynamic stability control so my car will no longer skid off the road?

  • That is what car engineers and salesmen try to convince you of! The answer is NO!
  • Nothing will prevent a 3 to 4000 pound car from veering off road when improperly driven! The laws of physics always apply!
  • Dynamic stability does give you a safety net, however, it DOES NOT drive for you!

3- ABS brakes will always stop your car shorter than non ABS?

  • ABS is a great invention and it helps to save lives but there are times when ABS will stop your car in a longer distance!
  • ABS does allow you to brake and steer, not brake shorter at all times!

4- I cannot use my side and centre mirrors to eliminate all blind spots?

  • Proper adjustment of the mirrors is your best insurance against accidents and you CAN adjust them to eliminate all blind spots!

5- Cruise control is always safe to use?

  • The tendency is to think that cruise control is safe to use at all time... actually it could create a major accident... even when you're not in traffic!

6- You should always be looking out the front of your windshield while driving?

  • What is ahead is important and we agree and you should be looking through the windshield and at your mirrors most of the time...however there are times when you should be looking through the side windows as well and frequently during all times especially in the city.

7- The pulsing feeling from the brake pedal means you have an ABS failure...go to your local garage.

  • Even though a pulsation from the brake pedal COULD indicate a brake malfunction (Warped or rusted rotors or drum...) it is normal for the pedal to pulsate when you brake hard enough to invoke the ABS.

8- All modern vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes.

  • No, all cars and trucks are not built or equipped the same. Still today you can buy vehicles that don't have ABS or worse have partial ABS.

9- In a skid you should always turn your wheels in the direction of the skid?

  • No, the right answer has more to do with where you want to end up and is all about vision technique.

10- With blind spot mirror detectors I no longer need to adjust my mirrors to eliminate blind spots?

  • No, this is incorrect. Some cars have lights, pulsating steering or whatever, to tell you a car is in the lane you are attmepting to enter. It this a goof thing? Yes and no, nothing is better than having the mirrors properly adjusted and that we are aware of what is around us!

We know that these answers do not entirely address and explain in detail all concepts and that you might feel frustrated!

We apologize since it is a teaser and our objective was to help you validate whether or not your initial answer to "are you a good driver" was correct!

we urge you to take at least a theory session with us to learn and  discuss in full the details of the answers.