The finger...

La passion de conduire

Attitude change

The finger, the bouquet, the forearm salute, the contorted look…ever seen these?

Perhaps the better question is, how many times a day while driving do you see it?

Why is it that people think that when they drive an automobile they take rights and privileges they would never dream of in person. They become arrogant, pushy, even threatening. I am sure there are clear psychological reasons that would make logical sense. I will leave that to those in the know and welcome anyone who is a professional to explain it.

However, come on, let us all realize that a car is in fact a lethal weapon, every bit as deadly as a loaded machine gun, yes a machine gun and not a simple pistol and deadlier than a knife, an axe, spear since a car can cause enormous damage when out of control.

Think of its size….even a Smart Car can instantly kill half a dozen people in one hit.

How many guns outside of a fully automatic can do this in one pull of the trigger?

The distance  that is created between the driver and the other person ( the car) seems to give people a sense of power, security, almost demonic in nature. Our very characters change.

Why do we all lose our responsibility and more so civility when driving a vehicle? I have a solution for everyone to practice and one that is guaranteed to change every’s day…100%

Try the following the next time you go out for a drive.

Let someone in and smile at them when you do so. The look of shock will be hilarious but more so…The resulting smile on your face will fill you with warm feelings versus anger and retribution.

This very same feeling will be shared by the other person who has just been given a FREE gift.

How many accidents happen because of reaction, anger, and stupidity? Now add this to the fact that most people barely know how to drive and the vehicle is a Molotov cocktail when thrown just right will inflict lethal harm.

So, let’s go make a change today…

See you on the road,