La passion de conduire

A huge success for the advanced driving school in Montreal and Gatineau

En effet, les samedi 7 et 14 avril avait lieu la première session de cours de conduite de l'année au Cegep Lionel Groulx et à l'Asticou. Quarante personnes se sont présentées au Cegep et une trentaine à Gatineau et ont profités de cette journée pour apprendre et échanger entre passionnés de l'automobile. Les journées ont été un succès sans précédent et promet une meilleure conduite sur la route et la piste. Des photos sont disponibles en cliquant ICI. Voici quelques commentaires reçu;


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Answers to the quiz

Congratulations! You are here because you found the quiz intriguing enough and you have all the correct answers...or, you want to be sure to validate your assumptions!

Let's see!

1-My hands should be at the 10 and two position on the steering wheel?

  • That is what you have been trained to do at driving school! Actually, the answer is NO.
  • You should keep your hands at the 9 and 3 position for many reasons, here are but a few;
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Attitude change

The finger, the bouquet, the forearm salute, the contorted look…ever seen these?

Perhaps the better question is, how many times a day while driving do you see it?

Why is it that people think that when they drive an automobile they take rights and privileges they would never dream of in person. They become arrogant, pushy, even threatening. I am sure there are clear psychological reasons that would make logical sense. I will leave that to those in the know and welcome anyone who is a professional to explain it.

However, come on, let us all realize that a car is in fact a lethal weapon, every bit as deadly as a loaded machine gun, yes a machine gun and not a simple pistol and deadlier than a knife, an axe, spear since a car can cause enormous damage when out of control.

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This week’s rant continues our theme of ignorance. Besides the gestures we discussed last week, as a regular runner on public roads our group has experienced the worst the driving public has to offer.

Be it day or night, (and at night all of us are lit up like Christmas trees with flashing LED’s of white and red) some drivers have absolutely no interest in sharing the road.

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Corners, single, double, connected, hidden, double apex and so many more challenges appear on a road and we are all driving vehicles that may be equipped with devices designed to help us drive...but do you know what to do with them?

Are you a good driver?

Answer yes/true or no/false to the following 10 questions.

  1. My hands should be at the 10 and two position on the steering wheel?
  2. I have dynamic stability control so my car will no longer skid off the road?
  3. ABS brakes will always stop your car shorter than non ABS?
  4. I cannot use my side and centre mirrors to eliminate all blind spots?
  5. Cruise control is always safe to use?
  6. You should always be looking out the front of your windshield while driving?
  7. The pulsing feeling from the brake pedal means you have an ABS failure...go to your local garage.
  8. All modern vehicles are equiped with anti-lock brakes.
  9. In a skid you should always turn your wheels in the direction of the skid?
  10. With blind spot mirror detectors I no longer need to adjust my mirrors to eliminate blind spots?


If you answered YES to any of these questions you may want to read on!

You may be able to help reduce the next statistic by taking our course.

Current statistics show that 100 drivers between the ages of 16 & 24 died in driving related accidents in Quebec in 2010. It has also been determined that with extra training 80% could have been avoided.

  • In companies where advanced driver training has been mandatory the accident rates have been shown to decrease by an amazing 50%.

You too can now have elite driver training for everyone in Quebec at Virages Academy.

  • Learn the most important technique that can give you at least a ONE second advantage in all emergencies.
  • Become able to read traffic, other drivers and know what to do...when.

Virages offers both theory and practical courses that are designed to enhance driver safety and skill. The courses are tiered to be able to enhance all levels of driving. Courses are available in English or French


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