Virages Lapping program 2020

La passion de conduire

2020 Virages LCMT Lapping program

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General Terms & Conditions

Where, when and cost

  • On the fabulous Mont-Tremblant circuit
  • The dates are Thursday May 7, Thursday May 28 , Thursday June 25, Thursday July 16Tuesday  August 25 - Wednesday August 26, Tuesday September 15
  • 4 groups: Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Instructor
  • Registrations open on Feb 1st
  • Registration ends seven days before the event. If your application is accepted after the closing of the registration, you will have to pay $ 25 more
  • The cost is $ 350 + Tx per event (DAY)
  • Must be a member in good standing of Virages
  • Discount based on the number of days taken
    • The Club Virages discounts are: (applicable per event, when registered before May 1st. Payment will be taken in two parts 50% on April 15 and 50% on July 1st)
      • 5% for two or three events
      • 10% for four or five events
      • 15% for six or seven events 
    • A certified instructor teaching a maximum of ONE student is eligible for a 50% discount on the full price. (Must register at least 30 days before the event!)
    • An instructor registering for multiple events before May 1st will receive a credit of $50 per event applicable in 2021. Payment will be taken in two parts 50% on April 15 and 50% on July 1st)
    • The discount is calculated and applied at registration.
  • New since 2017 - Sponsorship Program!
    • Bring a friend (First event with Virages - Novice or Solo) to an event and you will be eligible for a net credit of $75 in 2021 (The is applicable on the 2021 expected cost of an event)
    • This friend follows the standard registration process
    • Just fill in your friend's contact information when you sign up or send us an email
    • Limit of one per event
    • Your friend must follow the rules and regulations of the club
    • Applies also to instructors ($37.50)!
  • Payment by Paypal, Credit Card, Check or Cash (Registration will only be confirmed when the money is received in our account)
  • Cancellation clause (Multiple event discounts are recalculated based on cancellation information)
    • More than 3 months before the event = $ 50 fee
    • 3 months to 1 month before the event = 50% fee
    • Less than one month before the event = no refund
    • ** If you wish to cancel and you have found a suitable substitute, please contact us as soon as possible.
    • There will be a charge of $ 25 administration of your replacement
    • Your substitute must follow the registration procedure, terms and conditions. We must receive all documents and payment 2 weeks before the event.
    • Credit to card or for future events


Driver & passenger

  • Open to instructors, solo and novice drivers
  • Open to Virages members
    • First come, first serve
  • Must be 18yrs old minimum with a valid driver permit
  • Passengers allowed
    • Waiver signature required
    • Not in the first session of each group
    • Must be 18 years old minimum
    • Wearing proper clothing (Helmet + long sleeve pants)
  • No timing done by the organization (So it's not a race, a preparation for a race or a race practice!)


  • Accepted vehicles
    • Open to all car manufacturers
    • Any motor vehicle and some SUV under prior organization's approval
    • Convertible equipped with a roll bar system from the original manufacturer.
    • Cabriolet not originally equipped with a roll over system must be fitted with a minimum of a roll bar. Group Virages or its agents assume no responsibility for the integrity of the structure in case of an accident. The owner is solely responsible for the safety of the installation.
    • A registrant can register and bring two cars at the event, providing they have been properly tech.
    • An advanced registrant can share his car with a co-driver assuming they both fill a registration form, pay their dues and are in a different run group. (If they are both advanced driver, one has to run in the intermediate run group)
  • Tech inspection
  • Equipment allowed / Required
    • Required
      • Helmet: Snell 2005 (M or SA) recommended
      • Numbers (4” minimum) must be supplied by the registrant and solidly affixed to both sides of the car (You can buy them from Virages during your registration).
    • Allowed
      • Data acquisition
      • Camera (solid mount inside and outside, Ex. not allowed : suction-cup mounts outside of the car)
    • Fire extinguisher preferred, if present must be mounted metal to metal.
    • Street legal cars
      • Driver window fully down, all others fully up or down
    • Race cars
      • Driver window down or clear of racing net
      • One or two seats (equal restraints if coaching required) 
      • Complete restraint system if using 6 points harness
    • Pre-tech needed (self or garage)
    • Minimal tech at the track 
  • Noise limitation at the Mont-Tremblant circuit

    There are many rumors that the Mont-Tremblant Circuit has changed the rules, the good news is that nothing has changed and that if you never had problems, you should not have any! Maximum sound level accepted is 92DB. The regulations introduced in 2007 are still in force with the same rules, however, it appears that many of the offenders are repeat offenders and the management of the track addresses this situation. All groups are governed by the same rules without exception!

    So, there will be sound checkpoints in the paddock area and, if Tremblant employees have doubts about a car, it will have to go for a sound test (High Revolution with a sound meter) and the employee can give access to the track. However, if the car exceeds the limits on the track, it will be removed immediately.

    In addition, if a car receives a black flag in the morning, the owner will have the chance to make changes and will have access to the afternoon sessions (with the permission of the track). If a second black flag is given, the day will be over.
    Any black flag in the afternoon ends the day.

    If a driver receives a black flag in the last session of the day. This driver will be denied access to the next day or his next event.

    In all cases, sanctions are given by the management of the track and without appeal.

    Note that a driver is solely responsible for respecting the limitations and if sanctioned, will not be reimbursed by the Groupe Virages

Driving Process

  • Point by passing (must be HAND signal, no flashers)
  • The driver being passed must provide one clear signal per car and he must lift enough so that it’s not a drag race to the next corner.
  • All passing must be done safely without any pressure on the driver being passed.
  • The overtaking driver has the ultimate responsibility for the safety of the pass. If you’re not sure, don’t pass!  
  • Passing zones
    • Inside of incoming corner
    • Novice
      • The two straights and between 5-6, 6-7, 7-8, 13-14
    • Intermediate & Advanced
      • Everywhere safely 

Registration Procedure

Be sure to follow the registration process in order to be accepted at the entrance of the track!

Please take a few minutes to review them.

1st Step - Reading

Ensure that you read and understood the General Terms & Conditions before filling your registration.

By submitting your registration you certify that you have a valid drivers' license and no physical or mental problems, which might jeopardize yourself or others if you participate in these events.

On line registration guarantees faster and safer registration.

2nd Step- Waiver  

Upon registration acceptance (please allow 10 days to process), you must print, fill, sign and email the waiver.  Each participant must fill a waiver, one is required per season!

*** It must be received by the registrar at least 5 days prior to the event of the season.***

3rd Step- Technical inspection

For the next step, a tech inspection form has to be downloaded by the member and be filled by yourself (If you have the skills) or a competent garage prior to the event (maximum 30 days).

** This form must be returned to us duly completed at least 2 days before the event by fax (450-431-5332) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) **

You are totally responsible for the safety of your car.

Cars not Pre-Tech inspected or that are found to be unsafe before or during the event will not be allowed to run and will not be eligible for an event refund.







Tech form

Tech list


 Thoroughly read and understand the track package document.
Paying special attention to the flags section!
It will make the day better for you and everybody!

Track package


The objective of the Virages lapping days is to have fun driving our vehicles in a safe and controlled environment. Respect of all members off and on the track is the key!


Numerous lodgings are available in the Mont-Tremblant area.. For reservation with the Club negotiated rates, CLICK HERE or contact us.


No meals are included in the registration fee. The local cafeteria might not be offering lunches but we'll try to arrange for lunchboxes to be available ordered in the morning and delivered at lunch. Also, Tremblant village is close (< 1km) and offers many restaurants.


Gasoline is available in the village. No race gas is available at the track or close by!


Mt. Tremblant is located 120KM northwest of Montreal near the town of Mont-Tremblant.

From Montréal:    Laurentian Autoroute (15) north to Ste-Agathe. Continue north on (117) past St-Jovite. Exit at Montée Ryan, at the light turn right.. «At the rotary intersection, turn left on (327) and drive through the village of Mont-Tremblant. Turn right on Séguin street (at Tremblant Ski Service) and enter via the Paddock entrance to the track.

From Ottawa:    An alternate route is (148) from Hull to Montebello, turn left onto the (323) and continue into St-Jovite. Turn left on (327) and drive through Mt-Tremblant to Séguin street. Turn right on Séguin to reach the paddock entrance.

Notice:     Please respect the speed limits on your way to the track and around the village of Tremblant. Also please minimize exhaust noises, especially early in the morning.


A tech inspection form must be completed before your arrival at the track within 30 days prior to the event. It can be filled by a professional mechanic or by you if you have the proper skills and knowledge. ** This form must be returned to us duly completed at least 2 days before the event by fax (450-431-5332) or by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) **


SNELL 2005 (M or SA) or newer helmets are recommended. DOT helmets are not accepted.

Fire extinguishers are recommended and if they are installed, must be mounted metal to metal within the driver's reach.

Cabriolet not originally equipped with a roll over system must be fitted with a minimum of a roll bar. Group Virages or its agents assume no responsibility for the integrity of the structure in case of an accident. The owner is solely responsible for the safety of the installation. It is further recommended that the roll bars are to be padded in any area that may come in contact with the occupant(s)’ helmet.

Open cars must have adequate roll bars (see above) and tops must be closed and latched.  In the event of a no top car, the use of arm restraints is recommended.

Similar restraint systems must be utilized for both driver and passenger.


  1. START TIME: The track gate will open at 7:00 AM. However you must be at the track by 7:15 AM and be prepared to stay until completion of the day's activities.
  2. TRACK ENTRY: When you arrive at the track you (and your passengers) will be required to sign a track waiver form.  The track should be opened on the evening before the event for trailer drop-off and/or camping. Arrival is normally permitted at 6:00PM. No camping facilities are provided. Depending on the interest, we can organize a track walk on the day before starting around 7:00PM.
  3. CAR NUMBERS: Your assigned car number (At registration time) must be displayed on both sides of your car in numbers at least 4" tall. Car numbers are available at different stores but are hard to find. (You can buy them from Virages during your registration)
  4. TECH INSPECTION: A final tech inspection of your car will be performed at the track and must be completed before your car is permitted to run. The tech line will be open from 7:15 AM to 8:00 AM. If you arrive late, you will miss the entire morning sessions and your car will be inspected at the convenience of the tech chairman at lunch. HELMETS WILL BE VERIFIED DURING TECH.
  5. CAR PREPARATION: Have your completed tech form (all the info requested must be filled) ready for collection. Car numbers must be affixed. Remove loose objects in the car, trunk and glove compartment. Gas and compressed air may not be available at the track but are available at the village.
  6. DRIVER MEETING: ALL participants must attend the drivers meeting.  The meeting will start at 8:00 sharp. We will not cover all the information available in this document, so it is your responsibility to thoroughly read and understand it. Pay special attention to the flags section!
  7. PASSENGERS: Passengers, who have signed the waiver and wear proper attire, are allowed in the car (Not the first session)
  8. CLOTHING: Appropriate clothing must be worn for driving. (long pants). No shorts will be permitted. Slacks should not interfere with foot movement. Protective driving gloves are recommended. Suitable shoes, such as sneakers, should be worn. No sandals, wedges, high heels nor loose shoes will be allowed. 100% cotton or nomex materials are recommended.
  9. STAGING: The staging area is immediately behind the pits.  Do not leave cars unattended in this area. Use your time in staging to make final adjustments to helmets, seats, seat belts and mirrors
  10. RUN GROUPS: Participants are placed in run groups on the basis of their driving experience. If you have any questions about your assignment, please raise them at the organizer.
  12. ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT: Anyone deemed to be conducting themselves or driving their vehicle in an unsafe and discourteous manner would be ejected from the event.  Safety is a primary concern throughout the event. This is NOT a timed event or a race practice.
  13. ALCOHOL AND DRUGS: No alcoholic beverages may be consumed by any person during the driving schedule (7.00 AM to 5.00 PM). The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.
  14. RISK OF DAMAGE: Participants assume all risk of damage to their cars and to the track facilities during the event. The track may require payment for broken/damaged equipment from the responsible driver.

Be safe and have fun!!!

For further information
Registrar: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Track chair: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.